Employee Safety Culture Survey

An organization that identifies its employees’ safety perceptions is in the best position to effect change in both behavior and culture. The best method and tool for capturing this information is through a Safety Perception Survey. This survey has been proven to help organizations objectively evaluate employee perceptions in identifying behaviors, attitudes, and other factors that can derail its safety program – and increase risk to all its employees!

One of the greatest benefits of the Safety Perception Survey is that it engages employees early and directly in the safety improvement process by acknowledging their vested interest in creating and sustaining a safe working environment. This helps them to readily accept the data rather than thinking it was "manufactured” by management.

These surveys provide a powerful, objective, and data-driven tool to understand and benchmark an organization’s current position – and help create the platform from which to initiate plans and processes to advance to world-class safety performance. The Safety Perception Survey is a critical element for engaging all employees to take an active role and accountability in safety.